Teacher of Science (Physics) Job in Dubai

Teacher of Science (Physics) Job in Dubai


Al Mamoura Academy, a British curriculum school located in the heart of Abu Dhabi, is looking for a Teacher of Science (Physics) for the upcoming 2023-2024 academic year. The ideal applicant will have a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, a PGCE or similar teaching certificate, and a minimum of two years of experience teaching the English National Curriculum. The job entails various responsibilities, such as lesson planning, teaching and learning, assessment, recording, and reporting, curriculum development, and other duties and responsibilities.

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Al Mamoura Academy, a renowned British curriculum school, is seeking a Teacher of Science (Physics) for the upcoming academic year. This article will discuss the job requirements and responsibilities of a Teacher of Science (Physics) at Al Mamoura Academy.

Minimum Qualifications and Experience:

The ideal candidate for the Teacher of Science (Physics) job in Abu Dhabi must have two years of teaching experience in the English National Curriculum. They must also possess a Bachelor’s degree in a related subject with a PGCE or equivalent teaching qualification.

Job Responsibilities:

Lesson planning, teaching and learning, assessment, recording, reporting, curriculum development, and other duties and obligations will all fall under the purview of the chosen candidate.

  • Lesson Planning, Teaching, and Learning

The science teacher (Physics) must prepare and carry out exceptional instruction under school policy and the Al Mamoura Teacher DNA. They must create lesson plans by adhering to the curriculum’s requirements and using flexible teaching strategies. It is also crucial to regularly and effectively organize classes and lesson sequences across the long, medium, and short term to fulfill each student’s unique learning needs. The instructor fosters a learning environment that supports delivering excellent practice. It’s also essential to inspire children by giving them engaging, original teachings that stretch them intellectually and encourage critical thinking.

  • Assessment, Recording, and Reporting

The Teacher of Science (Physics) is responsible for demonstrating consistently and effectively the use of data relating to students’ prior attainment to set well-grounded expectations/targets for pupils, monitor their progress, and give clear and constructive feedback. They must assess students’ achievement against learning objectives and use this information to improve specific aspects of teaching and learning. The teacher must mark students’ work by the school marking policy, set targets for progress in line with the outcomes, and provide feedback on students’ progress as required to facilitate positive student development and above-expected academic improvement. The teacher must assess and record students’ progress systematically and keep records.

  • Curriculum Development

The Teacher of Science (Physics) must participate in subject-specific development by producing, reviewing, and updating curriculum plans and schemes of work. It is essential to ensure that personal subject knowledge is updated through CPD and professional reading.

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Apply now | Latest job
  • Other Duties and Responsibilities

The Teacher of Science (Physics) must contribute to the school’s ECA Programme by leading.

  1. School Culture and Ethos
  2. Understand, uphold, and actively promote the vision, mission, values, and culture of Al Mamoura Academy
  3. Display an enthusiastic, committed, and flexible attitude to the school and students
  4. Develop positive and respectful relationships with students, colleagues, and parents
  5. Contribute to the school’s extracurricular program through involvement in school events and activities
  6. Engage in and contribute to the development of the school’s professional learning community
  7. Professional Responsibilities:
  8. Contribute to and participate in a culture of professional learning
  9. Engage in professional development to further enhance skills and knowledge
  10. Uphold professional standards and ethics at all times
  11. Engage in self-reflection and evaluation of practice

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