Head of Business Studies & Economics Jobs in Dubai 2023

Head of Business Studies & Economics Jobs in Dubai 2023



Jumeirah College, a GEMS Premium Secondary School in D

2023 latest jobs
2023 latest jobs

ubai, is seeking an outstanding Head of Business Studies & Economics to join the College in September 2023. With a thriving department and exceptional exam results, The continuation of Jumeirah College’s progress depends on this appointment.


Main Headings:
  1. About Jumeirah College
  2. Vacancy Details
  3. About the Role
  4. Benefits of the Role
  5. About GEMS
  6. Qualifications and Experience Required
  • 1.1 College Vision
  • 1.2 Curriculum and Student Body
  • 1.3 Accolades
  • 2.1 Thriving Department
  • 2.2 Exceptional Exam Results
  • 3.1 Importance of Business Studies & Economics
  • 3.2 Requirements for the Role
  • 4.1 Competitive Salary and Benefits
  • 4.2 Professional Development Opportunities
  • 5.1 Trusted Education Provider
  • 5.2 Global Network of Schools
  • 6.1 Essential Qualifications
  • 6.2 Required Experience
2023 jobs
2023 jobs
About Jumeirah College:


A GEMS Premium Secondary School, Jumeirah College offers various GCSE and A-level courses and follows the National Curriculum for England. Jumeirah College is a vibrant international community with a student body of over 1,100 students representing over 59 nationalities that takes pride in the development of the whole child. The college recognizes the importance of developing cultural and global awareness and has a thriving enriched curriculum that provides a diverse range of activities, initiatives, and charitable endeavors that engage the student body and embed the philosophy of global awareness and world citizenship.

College Vision:

The college aims to establish a dynamic learning environment that develops content, assured, and accomplished individuals who push the boundaries of what is possible by dedicating themselves to academic and personal excellence.

Curriculum and Student Body:

Jumeirah College has consistently been rated as outstanding in inspections despite needing a selection process for admission. 99% of GCSE results in 2022 were 9-4, with 9 making up 55% of the total. Over 55% of all A-level grades were A/A*, and over 86% were A*/B. Due to Jumeirah College’s success, its students can go on to study at some of the best universities in the world, such as Cambridge, UCL, Stanford, Monash, and Toronto.


Jumeirah College has received numerous accolades and nominations in recognition of its achievements. The TES even shortlisted the school for the title of “International School of the Year.” The school is a COBIS and BSME member.

Vacancy Details:

The college wants a fantastic Head of Business Studies & Economics to start in September 2023.

application procedure | latest job | gulf job
application procedure | latest job | gulf job
About the Role:

With eight Economics groups doing the GCSE and seven taking the A level each year, the department is a thriving area of growth for the school. Eight groups at the GCSE level, five at the A Level, and BTEC Business Studies are all offered by the department of business studies. The chosen candidate will take charge of a great department that is highly regarded and productive.

Business studies and economics are essential.

The school’s concept centers on the opportunities that Business Studies & Economics provide students. This job is, therefore, essential to Jumeirah College’s continued development.

Apply now | Latest job
Apply now | Latest job
Requirements for the Role:

The successful applicant must have a B.Ed. or degree and PGCE/PGDE or equivalent with exceptional subject knowledge. At least three years

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